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BiographyNet paper accepted for Linked Science (LISC) @ ISWC 2013

Our paper ‘BiographyNet: Managing Provenance at multiple levels and from different perspectives’ (Niels Ockeloen, Antske Fokkens, Serge ter Braake, Piek Vossen, Victor de Boer, Guus Schreiber, and Susan Legêne) has been accepted for the Linked Science workshop at the ISWC 2013 conference in Sydney. The paper is to be published in the proceedings of the workshop. Below you can find the abstract of the paper.

Abstract. The BiographyNet project aims at inspiring historians when setting up new research projects. The goal is to create a semantic knowledge base by extracting links between people, historic events, places and time periods from a variety of Dutch biographical dictionaries. A demonstrator will be developed providing visualization and browsing techniques for the knowledge base. In order to establish its credibility as a serious research tool, keeping track of provenance information is crucial. This paper describes a schema that models provenance from different perspectives and at multiple levels within BiographyNet. We will present a concrete model for the BiographyNet demonstrator that uses elements from the Europeana Data Model, PROV-DM and P-PLAN.