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Piek Vossen + team win EYR4 Challenge

Piek Vossen and his team are among the winners of the Enlighten Your Research Challenge 2013. The winning proposal is called: “Recording History in Large News Streams”.

A Summary of the proposal:

“Every day thousands of news articles are published, presenting new events or providing updates to events reported earlier. With current technology it is impossible to keep track of the vast amount of information coming in daily. The purpose of this project is to develop the optimal architecture capable of processing as many daily news items as fast as possible, utilizing the most advanced semantic processing techniques available in Natural Language Processing (NLP) today. One of the main challenges in this project lies in scaling up existing linguistic processing to maximize the usage of available computational resources in order to manage the daily stream of incoming information. The resulting infrastructure will provide the basis to build a ‘history recorder’ that follows the news, stores it and can automatically relate new events to events that took place in the past. It will provide the complete story line to decision makers, pointing out forgotten details and possibly even finding new links between current situations and historic events.”