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BiographyNet is looking for two Network Institute Academy Assistants (Computational Linguistics/Computer Science & History)

The BiographyNet team is looking for two academy assistants for the project Time will tell a different story. Mining perspectives in historical texts with the help of NLP.

We are looking for a master student computational linguistics or computer science and a master student history, to combine their expertise in NLP and historiography within the BiographyNet framework. The project aims to detect shifts in the way people and events are described over time. It is an opportunity for getting experience with interdisciplinary research and possibly expanding the research into a master thesis.

The historian for this project should at least be interested in digital humanities research, historiography and collaborating with a fellow student from another Faculty.

The linguist or computer scientist should either have a strong background in linguistics and affinity with computational methods (programming skills are a plus) or have a background in computer science and an interest in Natural Language Processing. He or she should be interested in collaborating with a fellow student from another Faculty.

Academy Assistants will be appointed for a period of 10 months, between 1 October 2014 and 1 August 2015 for one day a week (0,2 FTE). During this period they should be master students at the VU University.

See for more information the research proposal and the website of the Network Institute
or contact Antske Fokkens ( (computational linguistics) or Serge ter Braake ( (history)

Please send a short cover letter and a CV before 15 August to Antske Fokkens and Serge ter Braake. Interviews will take place in the second half of August.