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Proceedings of BD2015 now available

We’re happy to announce that the Proceedings of the first conference on Biographical Data in a Digital World are now available:

Proceedings BD2015

Time will tell a different story presents at DHB 2015 and Network Institute annual event

The BiographyNet related Academy Assistants project “Time will tell a different story” held several presentations the past month.

Historic research has gone through significant changes over time, in an effort to produce the most objective presentations of the past. Facts may remain the same, but perspectives in the way historians describe people and events change. The angle of analysis evolves hand in hand with the change of time, society and public opinion. This project investigates how these changes can be traced in historic text.

Miel Groten en Yassine Karimi, the two Academy Assistants running the project (supervised by Antske Fokkens and Serge ter Braake) presented their findings on the DH Benelux 2015 conference for Digital Humanities. The conference was held on the 8th and 9th of june 2015, hosted by the University of Antwerp.


Groten and Karimi were also present at the Network Institute’s End of Academic Year Event, where they presented their poster and pitched their project. The event took place in the Kerkzaal on the top floor of the VU University main building and featured an exciting program including talks by Johan Hoorn on ‘Alice the care robot’ and Evert Haasdijk on ‘Self-replicating robots’.


Klick here to view the presentation given in Antwerp, and here to view the poster.